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What you need to know about meter readings and the water account.
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Who is responsible for payments, pipes, water meters and repairs.

More information for tenants and landlords

For full details about utility bills and other issues see the government site Tenancy Services.

More FAQs for tenants 

Who is responsible for ensuring the water bill is paid?

The landlord/ property owner is ultimately responsible for the charges at the property, regardless of:

  • any billing arrangement we may have with the landlord/owner
  • provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 dealing with liability for water and wastewater charges between landlords and tenants.

For more information, see the customer contract.

The government site Tenancy Services has information for landlords and tenants about paying the water bill:

Why is the landlord responsible for the water bill?
Who arranges payment of the bill?
What is an authorised tenant?
Can I set up automatic payments for my water bill?
Can I pay by direct debit or recurring credit card payment?
How do I cancel direct debit or a recurring payment?
I’m a commercial tenant. Can I change my pricing plan?
Can I receive a copy of the bill?
Can I call Watercare about the bill?
Can I report a problem or fault with the water?
Who pays for plumbing repairs?
Can I apply for a leak allowance?
Can I manage the water account online?
Why is the water account not in my name?
Why has the Watercare account number changed?
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