MyAccount help

This section is for customers who use MyAccount

  • If you are registering for MyAccount, you must be an existing customer and have an account with us. If you are a tenant, you can register using the water account details for your property.
  • If you are logging into MyAccount for the first time, you may need to change your password. Follow these steps.

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Have you sold or moved house?

If you are registered with MyAccount and have sold your house or moved to a new place, remember to update your details.

Log in and click ‘Accounts’ to view the accounts you manage online. You can:

  • remove the old account
  • add a new account if applicable
Banner promoting all the things you can do in MyAccount
Change password
Edit personal details
Edit account details
E-billing: set up/update/cancel
Pay a bill
Pay part of a bill
Pay someone else’s bill
Request a refund
Apply for a leak allowance
Direct debit: set up/update/cancel
Recurring credit card payment: set up/update/cancel
Pay by automatic payment
Pay by Pushpay
Connect to Xero/update/disconnect
Check bill details/bill summary
View/download/print a bill (PDF)
View water use
Check when next bill is due
Remove email linked to account
Find water meter serial number
Change main account
Add an account
Remove account from online list