Kaipātiki local board

Welcome to the Kaipātiki local board hub

This section allows local board members and members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this particular local board area.

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Wastewater from private residences and non-domestic sites goes into the wastewater network and is pumped to treatment plants for treatment and disposal. The wastewater network is extensive and spread over the Upper Harbour South and Shoal Bay catchment areas. In the west are Beach Haven, Birkdale West, and Birkdale diversion branch sewers which meet at the Kaipatiki Bridge before the Kahika Branch sewer heads north through Glenfield and Bayview. In the east, starting at Chelsea Bay and the Maunganui pump station, the Chatswood branch sewer line travels through Northcote and the Lake Road (Northcote) pump station to Hilcrest and then through the Wairau Valley pump station. Both lines join at Totara Vale and end at the Rosedale wastewater treatment plant.

There are significant projects underway to upgrade the wastewater network such as the Kahika rising main project and upgrades to the Chelsea wastewater upgrades.


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Drinking water for the Beach Haven, Birkdale, Birkenhead, Chelsea, and Northcote areas primarily comes from the Ardmore and Waikato water treatment plants. The large water pipes called North Shore 1 and 2 sit underneath the harbour bridge and link the network to the Shore. The main water line then splits when it reaches Northcote: the eastern line heads to Takapuna and the western line to the Northcote and Birkenhead reservoirs. The upper area of the local board consists of Bayview, Totara Vale, Glenfield, and Wairau and is primarily serviced by the Huia water treatment plant via the North Harbour watermain. This line comes through Greenhithe from the north and fills the Cuthill and Sunset Road reservoirs.

The Kaipatiki area receives significant benefit from our investments in the west of Auckland, such as upgrades to the Huia water treatment plant. The plan to build a new water treatment plant and storage reservoirs at Huia will have significant benefits for the local board area. Recent large investment in our Waikato treatment plant and the Hūnua 4 watermain ensures high quality drinking water is delivered to the city and East Coast Bays.