Pay fixed charge annually

Instead of splitting the bill to pay the fixed wastewater charge each month, landlords and property managers can make a one-off annual payment each July. 

To opt in for the period of 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020, please contact us before 22 June 2019.

How do I opt in? 

There are two ways to sign up for annual payment of the fixed wastewater charge:

You’re automatically opted out unless you choose to opt in.

How does it work? 

We calculate your fixed wastewater charge for the annual billing period (from July to June of the upcoming year) as an upfront payment. 

You will then receive your July water bill. This will be higher than usual as it will include the upfront payment for the year.

Invoices from August to June will only have volumetric charges. 

What happens on the bill?
Opting in
Opting out

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