Pay fixed charge annually

Instead of splitting the bill to pay the fixed wastewater charge each month, landlords and property managers can make a one-off annual payment each July. 

How do I opt in? 

There are two ways to sign up for annual payment of the fixed wastewater charge:

How does it work?
How much is the fixed charge?
What does the charge cover?
Why pay the fixed charge only once a year?
Who is NOT eligible for this payment option?
What is on the July bill?
What happens when I've paid?
Will Watercare deal directly with my tenant about the monthly bills?
Do I need to authorise the tenant myself?
Whose name is on the bill – landlord or tenant?
Do I still receive the bill?
Is there still only one monthly bill?
When do I need to opt in by?
Do I need to opt in each year?
How do I opt out?

More customer questions

When do I have to pay the upfront charge?
Who pays what on the July bill?
Will my tenant automatically receive bills by email?
I own or manage multiple tenanted properties. Can I use this option?
What if I don't want to opt in?
What if my water account is overdue?
Can I opt in but only pay part of my fixed charge instead?
If I opt in, what happens to my direct debit payments?
If I opt out, is my tenant still authorised?
I have opted in and paid my upfront fixed charge. What happens if I sell my property partway through the period?
I paid my fixed charge upfront. Why are you chasing me for payment when my tenant hasn't paid their bill?
I've bought a rental property and would like to opt in. How do I do this?
Why do I need to pay a fixed wastewater charge?
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