Building and developing FAQs

We need to check Auckland Council-approved building consent plans and other assessments reports before and after you build the development. See Planning, design and consents

The IGC is applied whenever a property owner or developer adds extra demand on our networks. Typically, this occurs when:

  • a new property connects to our networks
  • a new habitable dwelling on an existing property connects to our networks
  • an existing commercial property increases (or is expected to increase) its water use.

For any kind of development or construction within 2 metres of public pipes you need Works Over approval. Our engineer will review your proposed development and the condition of the line, and if it’s the case, a dispensation may be given. Do I need Works Over approval? 


Vesting is a conversion of private pipes into public assets, transferring the ownership to Watercare. You need to go through Auckland Council for this process.

Learn more: Asset acceptance, connecting and vesting