Purchase/contract orders and invoices

Purchase/contract orders

All goods/services/works provided to us must be supported by a valid purchase/contract order. Once we have approved a purchase/contract order, we will send you the correct purchase/contract order number and line number. You must include this in your invoice.

Valid purchase/contract order numbers are 9 digits long and start with a ‘4’.

If you have not received your number, please contact the person you have been working with at Watercare. If your details are incorrect on the purchase/contract order or you wish to change your bank account details, please email [email protected].

Standard terms of purchase

Our purchase order standard terms and conditions contain the default terms and conditions that apply to all purchase orders created by us, unless otherwise agreed in a contract or within the purchase order.

Read our purchase order standard terms and conditions

Credit notes

Contact us

If you have any questions or want to know more about our supply chain processes, please email [email protected]