Trade waste FAQs

General questions

Do I need a trade waste agreement?
What are the charges for agreements and monitoring?
Which documents do I need to refer to?
What if the substance or activity I am looking for is not on the list of controlled substance?
My trade waste discharges have changed and the details in the agreement do not match them. What should I do?
What can I do with waste that cannot be discharged to the sewer?

Discharge limits for controlled substances

Why are there discharge limits?
Can I apply for a change to the discharge limit for a substance?
My agreement does not list all the controlled substance limits.
Why does my agreement have a discharge limit for mass?
How do I calculate the mass of a substance in a trade waste discharge, to ensure I comply with the mass limit in the agreement?
Why is it important to discharge within the pH range of 6 to 10.5?

Stormwater and groundwater

Normally we do not permit stormwater/groundwater discharges to the sewer network from trade premises. We strictly control stormwater inflow from trade premises, due to increasing environmental pressures to reduce the number of wastewater overflows, finite network capacities, the cost of new infrastructure and our obligation to be a minimum cost service provider. In some cases, contaminated water may be allowed. For more information please contact us on (09) 539 7655 or email [email protected]

Testing, monitoring and reporting

Where can I get my trade waste discharge tested?
Why does my trade waste need to be monitored?
What happens if I am not complying?


What if I have a dispute?