Mairangi Bay Pump Station

We will build a new pump station to replace the Sidmouth Street Pump Station in Mairangi Bay.

Start-finish: Construction planned to start late in 2018
Location: Sidmouth Street, Mairangi Bay
Status: Planning

What’s happening?

Sidmouth Street Pump Station receives wastewater from properties between Long Bay and Castor Bay and pumps it over East Coast Road to the Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment.

Due to an increase in population and wastewater, the current wastewater pump station is struggling to cope, particularly during heavy rainfall when diluted wastewater can overflow up to 10 times per year, approximately 70 metres out to sea at engineered points on either end of Mairangi Bay.
In 2014, we began a project to look at the best option for a replacement pump station and to work with Auckland Council to integrate planning with the reserve management plan at Mairangi Bay. In 2015, we presented a concept to the public for a replacement pump station. Since then, we have been looking at the best way to integrate the pump station design with the reserve surroundings while minimising environmental impact.
We are currently in the planning phase and will aim for construction to begin later in 2018. We will provide project updates to the community once a contractor is appointed and we have more details on the design and construction activities.

What are the benefits?

The new pump station will include larger pumps as well as additional underground storage where wet weather flows are able to be temporarily held until they can be pumped into the network, virtually eliminating overflows.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this project please contact:
Jennifer Charteris
Stakeholder engagement advisor
Phone: 021 979 803

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