Mairangi Bay pump station replacement

The new pump station will reduce wet-weather overflows, creating a better environment.

Start-finish: June 2021 - November 2023
Location: End of Sidmouth Street and Montrose Terrace, Mairangi Bay
Status: Construction

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The project

Since 2021, our contractors have been building a new wastewater pump station in Mairangi Bay. The new building will be architecturally designed and will sit to the east of the current pump station in Sidmouth Street. Once completed, the old building will be demolished, and the area reinstated and returned to the reserve. We will also be building new wastewater pipeline on Montrose Terrace that will help improve the flow of wastewater from the area into the new pump station.

Sidmouth Street Pump Station receives wastewater from properties between Long Bay and Castor Bay and pumps it via East Coast Road to the Rosedale Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment. Due to an increase in population and wastewater, the current wastewater pump station is struggling to cope. During heavy rain, diluted wastewater can overflow approximately 70 metres out to sea. This can happen up to 10 times a year at engineered points on either end of Mairangi Bay.

The new pump station will include larger pumps as well as additional underground storage where wet weather flows will be temporarily held until they can be pumped into the network. This upgrade will help to eliminate overflows.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced wastewater overflows and improved beach water quality
  • Cater for population growth in the area
  • Improved open space and integration with the reserve
  • New building architecturally designed to improve the visual appearance of the reserve 
  • New technology to manage and treat odour helping to reduce the total site footprint


Estimated construction timeline

What's happening?

Works in September and October

The works to install the Montrose Terrace gravity sewer are reaching their completion with the pipeline now operating. Reinstatement works of the road and berm are currently underway with the team hoping for good weather to try and get finished by the last week of September.
At the pump station site, you will see an open trench at the front. This to install the last section of pipework for the rising main. This new pipework is currently being connected into the existing. The team will aim to have this very tricky section of pipeline finished by the end of September.
The scaffolding on the outside of the station has started to come down as works on the building reach completion. The aim is to have this pump station up and running in early December. This is outside the previous schedule, as issues with material supplies have delayed progress.

Traffic Management Plan for October 2023 – January 2024

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The road closure will be reintroduced on the corner of Montrose Terrace and Sidmouth Street. Vehicles will be able to enter/exit both Montrose Terrace and Sidmouth Street via Beach Road, however, there will not be through access around the site. Vehicle access will be maintained for residents opposite the site.

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