Set up e-billing

Paying your bill just got easier!

Get your hands on the app banner

Our app provides a self-service tool that lets you track your water use, view billing data and more. Whether you've got a mechanical meter or one of our smart meters, you can reap the benefits.

It is free to download via the App Store and Google Play

  • Registered for MyAccount? You can use the same login details
  • Not registered for MyAccount? You will need your current bill
  • Renting the property? Ask your landlord for permission to access the data in the app

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The benefits of e-billing

When you switch to e-billing (paperless bills) you can:

  • Help the environment by reducting paper use.

  • ​Check your bills anywhere, any time

  • Receive your bills the same day that we send them

  • ​Forward the e-bill to tenants or flatmates

How do I change my billing from paper bills to e-billing?

You can easily set up your invoices to be sent to your email address by registering for our MyAccount service.  Just grab a copy of your latest invoice and start the registration process. Once registered, select the e-billing tab at the top of the webpage. There you will be able to enter the email address you wish your invoices to be sent to each month. Click here to register.

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