Set up e-billing

There are lots of reasons to switch to e-billing (paperless bills):
  • Check your bills anywhere, any time.

  • Receive your bills faster, so you have more time to pay.

  • No piles of paper.

  • Easy to share with tenants or flatmates.

How to set up e-billing

There are three ways you can set up e-billing:
  • Call us on (09) 442 2222, press 3, then option 1.

  • Email

  • Use MyAccount any time: just log in and select e-Billing in the top bar.  

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What is e-billing?
When will I receive my first e-bill?
How long before the due date will I receive my e-bill?
Can I view previous bills online?
Can I use the same payment method as for paper bills?
I'm a tenant. Can I set up e-billing?
Will I still receive my bill by post?
If I delete my e-bill can I get another copy?
Why haven't I received my e-bill?
Can I change my email address for e-billing?
Can I go back to paper bills?
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