Visually impaired

If you or your loved one is visually impaired, our priority assistance programme offers a variety of support options. Whether it's getting notified of water outages in your area, nominating our team to check a meter reading if you're concerned, or authorising a family member to help with your account - we aim to make your life a little easier. When completing the online registration form, you can select the kinds of support you need.

Register for priority assistance

The services we can offer are:

  • You can choose to have our team do a free meter check on your behalf.

  • Nominate a friend or family member to self-read your meter on a monthly basis.

  • You can nominate a friend or relative to receive your bills on your behalf. We’ll set them up as your ‘nominee’ so they can help manage your account.

  • ​Once you sign up to receive your bills via email, we have enhanced the body of our emailed invoices to work with the text reader This will include your balance, due date, meter reading and whether your current bill has been generated from an actual or estimated reading. We will let you know how your daily usage compares to an average Auckland household. 

  • Choose to be notified of water outages in your area, and you can also select to have bottled water delivered to your home free of charge during outages. That way, you're never without water.​


How do I register?

If you think we can make your life a little bit easier, simply click the button below which will take you to an online form. Complete the form and let us know which type of support you would like. Our team will then review your application and will be in touch to let you know if you've been accepted onto the programme.

Register for priority assistance
image of a calculator that links to our water calculator where you can work out your household usage

Take 5 and tap into your water footprint?

We should all treat water as precious and conserve it when and where we can. Did you know, it takes less than five minutes to find out what your water footprint is and where you can make changes to your household water use. If you're saving water, you're reducing your water footprint and saving money.

Click here to take the water calculator test