Giving authority to access accounts

We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring your personal information is secure. We classify anyone named on the property title as the legal owner. For domestic accounts, they are the only people who can be account holders. This is different from other utilities.

If anyone else is to access the account, we must have authority from the property owner.

How to grant authority

If as property owner you want someone to access or act on your account information, we have processes to grant authority.

To discuss, please call us on (09) 442 2222.

Who can be authorised?

As the property owner you can give authority to anyone. This may include:

  • a tenant

  • a property manager

  • family members.

Note, as the account holder you retain full responsibility for the account, and for the actions of the authority.

If you have enduring power of attorney for someone, please send us the documentation. You can act fully on behalf of the account holder, but your name won't be printed on the invoices.

When a property owner dies

  • We may change the account to be ‘The estate of …’.

  • A spouse or family member may contact us if the account holder dies. Before we can discuss the account we will ask for a copy of the death certificate or the will, as evidence that they are acting as an executor.

  • If the Public Trust or other administrator of the estate contacts us, we normally do not require any further information.

  • When property ownership has been legally transferred, we will add the owner’s name to the bill.

Family members
Property managers