Pressure management

What is water pressure management?

Pressure management is making sure the pressure in water pipes across Tāmaki Makaurau is suitable for everyday use and not at a level that could create a burst or leak.

Image showing how pressure management of water pipes works across the network

How does water pressure management work?

Pressure control valves and monitoring points are used to adjust water pressure in small amounts at points across our network, delivering consistent water pressure levels.

What impacts the pressure in water pipes?

  • The geography of the area.
  • The length of the pipe bringing water from the nearest reservoir to your home/business.
  • Where you live can also have an impact on water pressure, along with how far you are from a reservoir and how elevated the reservoir is above your home. Properties that are in low areas receive higher water pressure and properties in high areas receive lower water pressure.
  • Water pressure is usually at its highest during the night when demand is low. When demand is high, which is typically in the morning or evening and during summer months, water pressure is at its lowest.

What are the benefits of pressure management?

  • Water pipes last longer.
  • The water supply is more dependable and there are fewer interruptions.
  • The need for excavation work to repair broken mains is reduced.