Whau local board

Welcome to the Whau local board hub

This section or the website allows local board members or members of the community to keep up to date with projects and activities we have underway in this local board area.

We have a long relationship with the Whau local board, with a key focus on some of our larger infrastructure projects that impact the area. The most significant of these is the Central Interceptor wastewater project where construction takes place across several local board parks and reserves. Once complete, the 14.7km Central Interceptor tunnel will result in significant improvements to waterways while accommodating growth.

Local wastewater network upgrades and critical water supply upgrades have taken place in New Lynn. Upgrades to our Huia No. 1 watermain also pass through the Whau Local Board area.

We also work closely with Healthy Waters who lead initiatives related to the safe networks programme and engage with the local board via their membership of the Manukau Harbour Forum on matters relevant to harbour health and water quality.

wastewater banner

Wastewater from private residences and non-domestic sites goes into our network and is pumped to Māngere wastewater treatment plant for treatment and disposal. The wastewater journey begins at West and South Lynn wastewater pipes. These join the New Lynn branch line and connect to the Western Interceptor.


drinking water banner

Drinking water for the area comes from the Waitākere Ranges via the Nihotupu and Huia 1 and 2 watermains. It is pumped to Avondale along the Avondale watermain by the Blockhouse Bay Road pump station.