Leak allowance terms and conditions

  1. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a leak is a crack, opening, hole or puncture through which water or sewage is unintentionally or wrongly escaping from any pipes, fittings or devices on your side of the point of supply.
  2. We offer a leak allowance to encourage water efficiency and the timely repair of leaks. Leak allowances are granted at our discretion.
  3. A leak allowance is not used to subsidise a leak left long-term or unrepaired.
  4. You must pay any outstanding amount owing in full, within 21 days of the date on our response
    to your application.
  5. If you have another leak within 2 years of receiving a leak allowance, you may apply for
    another allowance. You must include a plumber’s invoice. Note: this second allowance will
    be for excess wastewater only.
  6. Non-domestic customers will only receive an allowance for wastewater.