South-west Wastewater Treatment Plant and conveyance


The Wastewater Treatment Plant project

We are designing and building a modern and efficient wastewater treatment plant at 372 Glenbrook Beach Road. This facility will be able to process wastewater from Waiuku, Clarks Beach, Glenbrook Beach and Kingseat communities. ​Wastewater transported to the plant will be treated to a very high standard and safely discharged through the new outfall off Clarks Beach. The plant is designed to cater for population growth over the next 30 years.

The conveyance project

This project will involve design and construction of the following:

  • Conveyance pipelines for the Clarks Beach and Glenbrook Beach areas
  • Pipeline crossings under the Taihiki River
  • Pump stations
  • Conveyance from the Wastewater Treatment Plant site at 372 Glenbrook Beach Road to the new outfall off the 12th green at the Clarks Beach Golf Course

The current proposal is for the pipeline across the Taihiki River to be underground. The wastewater treatment plant design and operational requirements will have an impact on the pipeline details. We are aiming to start sections of this project this year (2024), however, there are many contributing factors which could impact that timeline. Construction of the network assets is planned to commence by January 2024.

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Tell us how you really feel

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Tell us how you really feel about our projects