Glen Innes branch sewer upgrade

We are installing new pumps to complete this part of the project which stalled in 2022

Start-finish: April – October 2024
Location: Maybury Street pump station site
Status: Construction
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Why is the project needed?

We are demolishing the old pump station and installing new pumps to complete this part of the project which stalled in 2022 due to faulty equipment. We have upgraded the existing wastewater infrastructure that was primarily built in the 1950s and 60s and are now in a position to complete the project which responds to growth and will provide a resilient long-term wastewater solution.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced impact on the environment

  • Ease of operational and maintenance requirements

  • Better health and safety outcomes

What's happening?

Our construction partners, Fulton Hogan and March Cato, have started work this month (April). We estimate the project will be completed by beginning of October 2024.

They will be removing old pumps, installing new pumps, demolishing the old pump station and pipe bridges, and commissioning the new pump station.

The work will be largely contained within our site with limited stakeholder disruption. However, access to the reserve path through the pump station site will be closed for the majority of the works for health and safety reasons.

Map of our Glen Innes branch sewer site
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How will this work affect you?

  • Working hours will be from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday.

  • These works will generate some noise, however, levels will be kept to a minimum and in accordance with Auckland Council and consent requirements.

  • Additional truck movements

  • Access to the reserve's public path via the pump station won't be available

Any questions?

Please email [email protected]
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