Water and wastewater servicing strategies

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what are water and wastewater servicing strategies

Decisions we make today will affect the communities of tomorrow and we need your help to develop the future state of our water and wastewater services. The development of our servicing strategies follows a process and we would like to take you on a journey of how it works, why it matters and what role you can play in contributing to this important korero (conversation).

We are keen to listen and learn from the community while collaborating to come up with longer-term water and wastewater solutions. There are many trade-offs to consider, but together we can ensure local communities have safe and reliable water and wastewater services that meet the needs of current and future generations.

We have three local servicing strategies currently in development:

  1. Waiheke

  2. Helensville/Parakai

  3. Beachlands/Maraetai/Whitford

Watch our video and hear from one of our servicing strategy experts 
What is a water and wastewater servicing strategy?
What does a servicing strategy consider?
Why the need for a 70-year servicing strategy?
How do you work with mana whenua?


Why we want to hear from you

The servicing strategies involve long-term planning that set the future direction for community water and wastewater services. We want to hear from you - our customers and the community - as we develop a servicing strategy that meets your needs and priorities. Community input and feedback is important and we encourage you to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions with us. Here's some questions to ponder as you read our servicing strategy:

  • What aspects of the strategy are important to you?

  • What areas do you feel need improvement or attention?

  • What do you think about the trade-offs that may need to be made?

Your feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of our  infrastructure.

Your input will be carefully considered alongside other important factors, such as cost, feasibility, and environmental impact, as we work to develop a sustainable servicing strategy that serves our community for years to come. Click on the servicing strategies below to read about your area and provide your feedback on the servicing strategy. 
How to get in touch with us

Email your questions to [email protected]

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