Property managers' hub

Welcome to our hub for property managers

Here you'll find all the information you and your tenants need about water and wastewater. Whether you are a landlord of one rental property or a property manager working across a thousand properties, there are certain tasks and information that you will need to be across. When creating this hub, we wanted to put the most commonly performed tasks at your fingertips.

Before you scroll through the quick access section, here's some helpful information about water and wastewater charges, and how to authorise a tenant(s) to deal with us.

Water and wastewater charges

The landlord or property owner is responsible for all water and wastewater charges at the property, regardless of:

  • Any billing arrangement we may have with the landlord/owner

  • Provisions in the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 dealing with liability for water and wastewater charges between landlords and tenants

For more information, see the customer contract.

Authorising a tenant to deal with us
  • Providing authorisation means that the landlord or property manager allows a tenant to deal directly with us about the water account.

  • If you are a tenant and your landlord or property manager has not given you authority, we cannot discuss the account with you.

An authorised tenant can:

  • Receive the water bill

  • Ask us about bills, charges and payments

  • Register with MyAccount and manage the water account online

Click to authorise your tenant

Quick access to what you need
Log into MyAccount

Manage properties online

It's an easy way to manage your water account on the go. You can check your balance, view or download past bills, switch to e-billing, update your details and more. Click here for more.
Tap into our app

Property Manager authorisation

Action single authorities or make multiple changes through our online form. Click here.

Special and final meter reads

Tenant moving out?

Book a special meter reading for a one-off invoice. Click here.

Pay the annual fixed wastewater charge

Simplify your tenants' bill

Sign up for our fixed annual wastewater charge. Click here to find out more.

How to read your meter

Find and read your meter

Click here to find out how to read your water meter.

A leaking pipe

How to check for a leak at your property

Click here for steps on how to carry out a leak test.

Register for priority assistance

Support for vulnerable tenants

Practical support for customers who may require additional help when using our services. Click here for more.

Report a leak in your neighbourhood

Log a fault in your area

Click here to log a water, wastewater (sewage) or odour issue in your neighbourhood so our team can investigate.

What not to flush down the toilet

Help to reduce overflows in your neighbourhood

Click here to find out what products belong in the rubbish bin.