Midtown wastewater diversion

We are currently undertaking investigation works in the midtown area.
Start-finish: Mid 2022 - late 2026
Location: Midtown – Mayoral Drive to Queen Street intersection, through to Victoria Street
Status: Design investigation

This investigation work is to inform us how to progress with future work and provide additional resilience to the wastewater network.

Latest update - May 2023

Commencing late June/early July, our team and contractor will carry out various investigation works to better understand what is underground in preparation for the wastewater network upgrade. This work will take place in several locations.

Queen Street (at Queen Street/Victoria Street intersection)

  • Geotechnical Borehole investigative work

This work will take place during the day for a period of approximately two weeks (Monday-Friday, weather dependant) and is to better understand the geology which will reduce any risk during construction.

Queen Street (between Mayoral Drive and Victoria Street)

  • Underground utilities, survey work

This non-intrusive work will take place over night for a period of approximately two weeks (Monday-Friday, weather dependant).

Mayoral Drive

  • Geotechnical Borehole investigative work.

This work is expected to take place during the day and is to better understand the geotechnical and hydrogeological properties of the ground which will help inform the final design. This day work is expected to take approximately 1-2 months (weather dependent).

Mayoral Drive

  • Potholing of underground utilities work (slot trenching)

This work is expected to take place during the day and is to validate underground utilities to help inform the final design. It is expected to take approximately 1 to 2 months (weather dependent).

Mayoral Drive

  • Survey of underground services

This work will help inform the design of the pipe alignments. This non-intrusive night work will take place in late June/early July.

The above works are subject to change as we are awaiting traffic management approval, asset owner approvals and contractor availability.

Why is the project needed?

The Midtown wastewater catchment is expecting substantial growth from residential and commercial development. To cater for this and resolve existing wastewater overflows in the central city, it is recommended that the wastewater network in the area undergo redesign to accommodate for this growth.

Project overview

The programme of works is divided into parts which will be constructed at separate times, driven by corridor availability and in co-ordination with other infrastructure or building projects.

Midtown wastewater diversion works map

What will the work entail?

The proposed pipeline is divided into several parts to reduce the impact on residents and traffic and allow better coordination with other projects happening in Midtown including the City Rail Link. The Mayoral Drive alignment will be constructed using a mix of open cut and trenchless construction while the Queen Street alignment will be constructed using trenchless construction.

Several shafts are envisaged to be constructed for the Mayoral Drive alignment. Exact numbers still to be determined. Three shafts will be constructed for the Queen Street alignment with the Tunnel Boring Machine launched at Mayoral Drive Shaft and received at Victoria Street Shaft.

Trenchless construction of the Queen Street pipeline

The new pipe will be installed underground mainly using a micro-tunnel boring machine. Three shafts will be built along the pipes’ route to support construction. The machine will go underground at Mayoral Drive and re-emerge at Victoria Street. The shaft at Wellesley will be used to connect the exiting network.

Timeline of works
Timeline of works for the Midtown project

How will the work affect you?

  • All site investigations would ideally be done during weekdays (Monday to Friday). The preference will be to do the work during daylight hours. Hours of operation will be limited by traffic management requirements and other constraints for each location.
  • Where daylight work is not approved by Auckland Transport (AT) due to the impact on major intersections or the extent of existing construction activities in the CBD, it may be necessary to carry out night works under traffic management. There may be restrictions on the types of work carried out to ensure minimum disruption for residents.
  • Any work undertaken overnight will typically be between the hours of 7pm and 5am. This is to ensure limited disruption to traffic movement, especially buses.
  • We are coordinating with other projects in the area to ensure no conflicting access restrictions and minimum disruption to stakeholders.

Any questions?

Please email: [email protected]


Midtown newsletter July 2023
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