Stakeholder engagement

As the provider of Auckland’s water and wastewater services, we directly and indirectly affect the quality of life of all Aucklanders – and the wider wellbeing of New Zealand. We take this responsibility seriously, and seek to create shared value with the community through a range of forums and information channels.

Consulting on projects

We engage with the public at all stages of project planning and development. For example, we consult with affected stakeholders, iwi and communities about statutory processes to approve and build new infrastructure.

As projects get underway we also actively connect with stakeholders and communities, with a view to minimising disruption. For larger projects, we may set up dedicated community liaison groups.

Many treatment plants also have special requirements for ongoing community liaison, and we regularly meet to share information and discuss local issues.

The groups we consult with include:

  • Auckland Council
  • Environmental groups
  • Community groups
  • Wider public
  • Local boards
  • Suppliers and contractors
  • Infrastructure providers