Ōrākei sinkhole and sewer repair

Work to rehabilitate the damaged section of the sewer and the sinkhole on St Georges Bay Road.


On the afternoon of Monday 25 September 2023, we were alerted to a sinkhole hole that had formed in a carpark off St Georges Bay Rd, above the 2.1m-diameter brick Ōrākei Main Sewer. This wastewater transmission main serves large parts of central and west Auckland. The sinkhole was associated with the wastewater pipe collapse blocking the sewer.  A temporary pump station and bypass was installed to stop wastewater overflows into the environment and to allow debris to be cleared. This work has now been completed and the repair started in March 2024.

Click here for info on the history of the Orakei sinkhole incident

Sinkhole and sewer repair   

The repair involves pipe-jacking a series of liners into the damaged sewer to restore full strength and flow capacity. Installation of the liner is now underway and good progress is being made. Once the liner is installed, a grout/cement product is put in place between the old pipe and the liner to secure it into position. After grouting we will commence the reinstatement of the sinkhole area in the carpark. Reinstatement is expected to take 1-2 months but is heavily dependent on factors such as the weather. We will keep the community informed on the reinstatement plans and progress.   

Once the repair is completed, the temporary pumps in St Georges Bay Road and the bypass pipeline will be removed. This is expected to occur around June 2024.

Further relining 

Planning is underway to reline further sections of the Ōrākei Main Sewer to help mitigate the risk of future failure. This work will involve access via a shaft in the lower Alberon Reserve. Further information will be provided as more detail comes to hand. Please note, pedestrian access across Alberon Reserve has been reopened. Please follow the signage on-site.

Any questions?

You can reach out to us at [email protected]


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