Glenbrook Watermain Replacement

We are replacing the temporary pipe to provide a resilient long-term water supply that will cater for growth in the region.
Start-finish: TBC
Location: Wharf Road, Waiau Pa and 77 Tahuna Minhinnick Drive, Kahawai Point, Glenbrook Beach
Status: Design

Why is the project needed?

The project relates to replacing the damaged 200mm network watermain crossing the Taihiki Estuary between Waiau Pa and Glenbrook Beach and improving network resilience for the region’s water and wastewater supply. The watermain is the sole conveyance of supply to Glenbrook Beach, and without it, the community relies on water being transported to the reservoir in tankers.
The water pipeline, which was anchored onto the seabed was subject to significant tidal influence and had multiple leaks relating to holes and damaged joints over the last few years.
Several options for the alignment and methodology were considered as the original alignment was unable to be constructed due to erosion of the cliff face on the Clarks Beach side.
Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) was identified to be the preferred option over anchoring to the seabed.
Key benefits include:
• Reduced impact on the environment.
• Ease of operational and maintenance requirements.
• Better health and safety outcomes.

Any questions?

Should you have any questions, email [email protected]