Lucy Moore Memorial Park wastewater pump station

Start–finish: 2021-2024
Location: Warkworth
Status: Construction

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Project overview

We are building a modern pump station in Lucy Moore Memorial Park with 828,000 litres of storage capacity to accommodate the future growth planned in the surrounding area. The new larger pump station has a pumping capacity of 290 litres a second to get wastewater from the park to our new wastewater treatment plant in Snells Beach. Construction will continue through until 2024. The site will also be used for part of the construction of the five-kilometre transfer pipeline. Fencing will be placed around the construction site and pedestrian movement through Lucy Moore Memorial Park in the vicinity of the pump station will be limited – for public safety please follow site signage. After construction, we will remediate and enhance the site by planting a mix of native and exotic trees in the park.

How will the work affect you?

  • Work hours will typically be from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday and may include Saturday
  • While the work will be carried out within the reserve, you may notice the following temporary changes:
    • Reduced on street parking
    • Pedestrian detours
  • Driveway access for residents will remain open during the works. In the unlikely event that we do need to restrict access to your property, you will be notified in advance with a separate notice.
  • While the work may generate some noise, please be assured that it will be kept to a minimum and within the allowable consented levels.

Any questions?

Please email: [email protected]
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