Connect to XERO

If you don’t have a Xero account yet, sign up for a free trial at

When you have connected your Watercare account to Xero you will no longer receive your water bills via post or e-billing. However, you can still download your bills through your online account.

Here’s how to connect:

1. Register with MyAccount

Before you can connect your Watercare account to Xero, you need to register your account online with MyAccount. Register your account online with MyAccount at Watercare

Each Watercare account registered online represents one legal entity (trust, business, company, cooperative or corporation) which must match a single Xero account. If you are having problems authenticating, please email [email protected]

2. Connect to Xero

  • Log in to MyAccount. Select ‘Connect to Xero’ in the top bar.
  • Under ‘Select an account’, find the account you want to connect. You can select one or multiple accounts. Click the ‘Select’ box at right, then click ‘Connect to Xero’.
  • You will be prompted to log in to Xero – just follow the steps.

More information: MyAccount help

How does it work?

A copy of your Watercare bill will flow automatically into Xero as a draft bill, waiting to be approved. The PDF of your bill is already attached to this transaction.

Click the arrow to view the PDF alongside the Xero bill. A quick glance to double-check the information is all you need before approving.

Once the bill is paid, all that’s needed is to match it to the bank payment. This appears automatically in Xero. Click OK, and you’re done.