Snells Beach wastewater treatment plant

Start–finish: 2021-2025
Location: Snells Beach
Status: Construction

Project overview

We are building a new modern and efficient wastewater treatment plant at the end of Hamatana Road as part of this project. This facility will process wastewater from Warkworth and Snells-Algies communities and is designed to be able to accommodate population growth over the next 35 years. Wastewater will be pumped from Lucy Moore Memorial Park through a new five-kilometre pipeline, treated to a very high standard and safely discharged through the new outfall off Martins Bay. As part of these works, we will decommission the existing Warkworth Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) ending treatment plant discharges into the Mahurangi River and harbour. Existing wastewater flows from Snells Beach and Algies Bay will also be diverted to the new WWTP, and the existing Snells-Algies WWTP will be decommissioned. Construction on the plant began in early 2022 and will continue through until 2024. You might notice a small increase in truck movements when construction begins.

Construction timelapse

That is months of hard work in 15 seconds. Lately, our crew has been setting up the groundwork for the membrane bioreactor – a treatment system that uses special filters to clean wastewater. The tanks were lifted onto their plinths and valves were installed. The progress achieved by our crew has sped up the completion of outstanding concrete works, paving the way for us to build facilities that remove grit and grease from wastewater.

How will the work affect you?

  • Work hours will typically be from 7.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday and may include Saturday
  • While the work will be carried out within the plant compound, you may notice the following temporary changes:
    • Reduced on-street parking
    • Pedestrian detours
  • While the work may generate some noise, please be assured that it will be kept to a minimum and within the allowable consented levels.

Any questions?

Please email: [email protected]

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