Industry wastewater percentages

Under our commercial wastewater tariff, wastewater charges are calculated using:

  • a fixed charge per water meter per year, and
  • a volumetric charge per kilolitre of wastewater discharge.

The volume of wastewater discharge is determined for each meter by considering the way the water is used. This is done by assigning an industry type. Each type has its own wastewater percentage, which represents the typical amount of wastewater discharged by that industry type.

The wastewater percentage represents the proportion of water use that will be charged for volumetric wastewater services.

We reserve the right to review a meter’s industry type and, if it has been misrepresented, assign the correct industry type and backdate any difference in charges.

If you have any questions, phone us on (09) 442 2222 and press 2.

Industry type Wastewater percentage
  • General commercial (standard commercial premises, e.g. office)
  • Community facility/church
  • Abattoir
  • Retail shop/cafe/restaurant
  • Warehouse/postal/transport
  • Sports/recreation facility
  • Education and training facility (no irrigated grass fields)
  • Industrial/general manufacturing
  • Hospital or medical clinic
  • Pool
  • Laundry
  • Food manufacturing
  • School (with irrigated grass fields)
  • Beverage manufacturing
  • Metal, glass or construction material manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Concrete manufacturing

What is my industry type?

You can find your industry type on your bill, under Summary. View sample bill


If the meter has the correct industry type but the wastewater percentage does not represent the actual volume of discharge, you can choose to audit the wastewater percentage. If we apply a new percentage, this will only affect future charges. Apply for a wastewater audit.

We also reserve the right to audit the wastewater percentage. This is done at no cost to the customer.