Apply for a wastewater audit

Who can apply for a wastewater audit?

All commercial customers who are charged volumetrically for their wastewater can apply.
1. Decide if you want an audit
2. Apply for an audit
3. Site visit
4. Install 'check meters' to check your use (if needed)
5. Analysis
6. Report and declaration
7. Sign the declaration

How much will the audit cost me, and how do I pay?

For our standard audit fee for a minimum of 2 hours, see Other charges.

  • Audits needing more detailed analysis may take more than 2 hours. In this case we will discuss all costs with you before proceeding with the audit.

  • If we decide not to proceed with an audit, there will be no fee.

  • If you choose to install a check meter or wastewater meter to do periodic flow monitoring, you will be responsible for any costs and maintenance of these meters.

  • We charge the audit fee to your Watercare account when the audit is done.