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If you have a Watercare account and you are logging in on the new website for the first time you will need to change your password. Follow these steps

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Need financial help? We offer options for paying your bill

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Manage account

Learn about payments, account details, moving house, refunds.

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MyAccount help

Get technical help with your online account.

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Higher bill than usual

Troubleshoot the likely cause, including leaks. 

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Understand your bill

Learn about the charges and other details on your monthly bill. 

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Landlords and property managers

Learn about payment options and authorising tenants.

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Learn about the water account and bill payments.

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Meter readings

Get information on estimated, final and special readings.

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Domestic or non-domestic customer?

Understand the billing categories for residential and business accounts.

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Payment responsibility

Homeowners, tenants, landlords – understand your obligations.

Stay organised with MyAccount

With MyAccount you can check your balance, view bill history, update details and more.


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