What is your classification?

Trade waste customers are classified as either deemed (generally low risk) or conditional (higher risk).

The flowchart will help you to determine the type of waste your industry or business produces.

A flow chart to help people determine their trade waste classification

Deemed trade waste
Conditional trade waste

What if I don’t fit the deemed or conditional categories?

If you are not sure of your classification, please call us on (09) 539 7655 or email [email protected]

Your level of risk

We assign a customer’s level of risk based on their type of activity, which generally follows industry groupings. The risk level may change after a more detailed assessment of factors such as volume, toxicity, the customer’s pre-treatment and controls, and their history of compliance.

Customers with higher risk activities will have robust systems and will undertake more frequent monitoring to ensure that they meet the requirements of their trade waste agreement and the bylaw.

A table showing the risk levels for different types of trade waste