Areas with rain tanks

If you rely on only rainwater, think of installing a meter

If you rely solely on rain water for your water supply, it may be worth installing a meter. A meter could save you money on your water bill as it measures how much water flows into your household. If you use less water, you will also be discharging less wastewater.

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Rain tanks as additional water sources
Auckland council removes the consent fee for installing a rain tank on a residential property

If you've been thinking about installing a rainwater tank but never got around to it, well, it's now easier than ever to install one.

Auckland Council has scrapped resource consent fees for the installation of rainwater tanks on residential properties.

Check out the videos below from our friends at Auckland Council to find out why a rainwater tank could be right for your property.

Benefits of collecting rainwater for household use

Find out how setting up a rainwater tank can benefit both your household and Auckland’s environment and what you need to think about to make sure you choose a system that best fits your water needs.


What you need for a rainwater tank

Learn about the types of rainwater collection systems and components to ensure your installation is safe and complies with council requirements.

Tanker filling stations for commercial operators

From time-to-time we have to close filling stations or reduce their flow rates due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. power outages) or low reservoir levels. We understand the importance of our filling stations to many Auckland communities and therefore will keep these closures to an absolute minimum.

Click here to view the map of water tanker filling stations.

For more information on the stations, click here.