South-west Wastewater Treatment Plant designation

About the project

We are seeking a Notice of Requirement (NoR) to designate land on Glenbrook Beach Road and allow for the construction, operation and maintenance of a new Wastewater Treatment Plant at 372 Glenbrook Beach Road. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the project.


Project overview

The communities of Kingseat, Clarks Beach, Glenbrook Beach and Waiuku are developing rapidly. Due to the lack of capacity in the wastewater network, development is being constrained until an upgrade of the wastewater network is complete. 
A south-west discharge consent was obtained in June 2018 which allows for discharges from Kingseat Hospital, Kingseat Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Clarks Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Waiuku Wastewater Treatment Plant. As part of the design phase, we undertook an options assessment and identified 30+ possible sites for the location of a new wastewater treatment plant. Seven potential locations were presented to the community in September and December 2021. After carrying out on-site assessments and reviewing community feedback, 162 Clarks Beach Road (Site B) was identified as the preferred site.

Shortlist of sites for the south-west wastewater treatment plant
Negotiations for the site at 162 Clarks Beach Road were unsuccessful, and there were complexities in acquiring it. Continuing with the Public Works Act process would have taken 12–18 months and increased the risk of not being able to deliver the scheme. As a result, the project team revisited the list of other shortlisted sites which included 372 Glenbrook Beach Road (Site T). That particular site is not located on a headland and scored well against a number of considerations including odour levels, amenity, ecology, engineering, operation and maintenance, and there is sufficient land for current and future expansion.
Site T is the preferred site as it is located 200m from the property boundary and 300m from existing neighbouring properties, therefore, minimising any effects from the plant. The wastewater network operation will be significantly simplified by reducing the assets to build and operate. This also enables provision of lower carbon and more cost-effective services.

Click here to view the process map of how we have been engaging with the community.

The Notice of Requirement application

The Notice of Requirement application to designate the site for wastewater treatment plant purposes has been lodged with Auckland Council. We asked the Council to publicly notify the application so the community has another chance to have their say. The application consists of an Assessment of Environmental Effects Report along with technical reports covering ecology, odour, traffic, flooding, archaeology, landscape/visual, noise and vibration.

The Hearing for the project was held on 7, 8, 9 and 12 February and officially closed on 28 February. The independent commissioners will now issue their recommendation on the Notice of Requirement. There is no statutory timeframe for the recommendation to be issued. All documents relating to the hearing and evidence can be found on Auckland Council’s website.

Project documents

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