Recurring credit card terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Watercare Services Limited (Watercare):

Has agreed to give written advance notice to the customer of the net amount to be debited to the credit card account and the due date of the debit to the credit card account at least 10 calendar days (but not more than two calendar months), before the date when the debit to the credit card account will be initiated. The advance notice will include the following message: Unless advice to the contrary is received from you in writing by the cancellation date the amount due will be debited to your nominated credit card account on the due date. The cancellation date will be at least two days prior to the due date to allow for amendment of the amount to be debited to the credit card account.

2. You, the customer:

May at any time, terminate this authority as to future payment by giving written notice of termination to Watercare.

3. You acknowledge that:

  1. This authority will remain in full force and effect in respect of all amounts to be debited to the credit card account in good faith notwithstanding my death, bankruptcy or other revocation of this authority until actual written notice of such event is received by Watercare.
  2. In any event this authority is subject to any arrangement now or hereafter existing, between me and the issuer of the credit card in relation to the credit card account.
  3. I am responsible for providing Watercare with updated information when there is a change of credit card issuer, OR a replacement card is issued with a new card number.
  4. Watercare uses the personal information collected in this form for administration purposes including contacting me. I have the right to access and correct any personal information held by Watercare.