Rehua and Aorere Park wastewater upgrade

​Upgrading and remediating the wastewater network to cater for growth in Māngere and surrounding suburbs.

Start-finish: January 2024 – March 2025
Location: Various locations in Rehua and Aorere Park
Status: Construction

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What’s happening?

We are delivering a programme of works to service the redevelopment of a significant number of Kāinga Ora properties in Māngere and surrounding suburbs.

Why is the project needed?

To reduce the infiltration and inflow so the existing network will not only be able to carry the increased flow from these developments but also have fewer overflows once the project is completed.  

What will the project entail?

  • New underground wastewater pipes to accommodate the increase in capacity from the intensification of housing in these neighbourhoods. This work will be undertaken with open trenching.

  • Remediating aging infrastructure to ensure continuation of service levels. The relining of the pipes and manhole repair work will be undertaken with limited disruption.

  • Replacement of damaged pipes to ensure servicing problems are addressed. This will be completed using open trenching.

How will the work be undertaken?

The work will be occurring simultaneously across the whole area to reduce the period of disruption to the community.

We first need to look inside the pipes using CCTV cameras to ensure we know what needs to be undertaken. This work is non-intrusive and will only require access to manholes.

Once the approach is confirmed the open trench remediation and installation will start.

Each work area will have trenched construction for approximately six weeks.

When will construction start?

The CCTV and investigation work is mostly complete and the open cut repairs are underway. The pipe lining work is programmed to start in July.

How will the work affect you?

  • Work hours will typically be from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

  • Open trenching for the laying of pipes will take approximately six weeks to complete in each location

  • Construction works will generate some noise and vibration, however, levels will be kept to a minimum and in accordance with Auckland Council requirements

  • Some street parking may need to be temporarily removed near the site to allow traffic management to be set up as part of the approved traffic management plan.

Any questions?

Please email: [email protected]
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