South Auckland wastewater servicing

The Hingaia rising main will increase the capacity of our network, carrying wastewater from Hingaia to Weymouth.
Location: South Auckland
Status: In design
Construction expected: Late 2022 - 2024

Why is the project needed?

As Auckland grows, we are investing in infrastructure to support new homes and increase the capacity of our wastewater network. One of these projects is the Hingaia Rising Main, which will carry wastewater from Hingaia to Weymouth.
The project will involve an upgrade of the existing Hingaia Pump Station and a new 10.3km main which will divert wastewater from the southern interceptor to the south west interceptor, freeing up capacity in the southern interceptor for growth in the area. Increasing capacity will also help reduce wet weather overflows from the Hingaia Pump Station.
Our geotechnical investigations are already underway for this project. These ongoing investigations help us assess the suitability of the route and plan our construction methodology for the pipeline. We are also in discussions with landowners to help determine details within the route alignment.

Project area

Map of south auckland wastewater services project route

Any questions?

If you would like more information about the project, please email [email protected]