Apply for a drinking water contract

Note: Please apply at least 1 week before you need the water.

Do you require water for drinking? You’ll need a Ministry of Health certificate

You must have a Ministry of Health (MoH) certificate before you can apply for access to a filling station for potable water.

To register for a certificate 

Visit the Ministry of Health website: Guidelines for the safe carriage and delivery of drinking water 

In the download list at the right of the page, click on Form WC01: Application for Water Carrier Registration.

To renew your MoH registration 

Click here to access the WC03: Application for Water Carrier Registration Renewal form on the MoH website.

Apply for a contract

Here are the steps to follow:

What are the fees for a contract? 

There is a $1000 bond, and a fixed annual charge. View current charge  

1. Send us your documents
2. Receive your invoice and contract
3. Pay your fee and bond
4. Receive your swipe keys and bond certificate
5. Pay monthly bills
6. Claim your refund