Boosting supply

Work is already underway to boost our water supply

Our new water treatment plant in Tuakau went into service in July 2021. It is treating up to 50MLD (million litres a day) from the Waikato River, and is therefore our largest and most significant drought response project. This will provide a good safety net if the weather turns out to be drier than forecasters anticipate.

In Summer 2021/2022, we will complete the second stage of our Papakura Water Treatment Plant, which will take production capacity to 12MLD. An upgrade of our Waitakere Water Treatment Plant will also boost treatment capacity by an extra 8MLD.

During the 17 months that Auckland was under stage one water restrictions, we finished a number of projects:
  • Completed the Pukekohe East reservoir, a key project enabling our Waikato Water Treatment Plant to treat up to 175 million litres a day (MLD)
  • Built a new Pukekohe Water Treatment Plant, which treats up to 5MLD
  • Built the first stage of our Papakura Water Treatment Plant, which treats up to 6MLD
  • Upgraded our Onehunga Water Treatment Plant, boosting treatment capacity by 4MLD
  • Carried out acoustic leak detection on more than 5,500 kilometres of our water network to find and fix invisible leaks. This has saved an estimated 9MLD.
Read more about our progress below.